Rayven Routt

Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, Graphic Artist

Rayven has a deep passion for story telling. She uses film, photos, and digital art to help tell your stories, putting her heart and soul in to creating beautiful works of art for her clients. See for yourself how her passion shines through her work, setting her apart from anyone that views their "work" as work.






wedding Cinematography

Rayven has been filming weddings for over a decade. You can trust in her to capture the small, intimate details that make up your day. The ones in that secret world that exist right there in public, unnoticed, that no one else knows about-- the smiles, the laughs, the deep breaths, the trembling hands and sparkle in their eye when they realize they get to spend the rest of their life with you. 


Corporate/commericial/creative filmmaking

With a BFA in Film & Video Production and English, and having worked in front and behind the scenes for film and television for small and large scale projects, she's the perfect choice to create unique short films, help sell your business with commercials, create how to and training videos for clients and employees. In anything she does, she will help your ideas come to life in front of a large audience. 



I love adventuring to epic places with beautiful people-- capturing moments in time that will last forever. I feel honored to encapsulate the most important moments of your life through Portraits- Engagement, Graduation, Maternity, Families, Couples, Senior Photos, and Head Shots that allow you to open up new doors in your life.

Rayven is based in Atlanta, Georgia, but she will travel all over the world!

about Rayven

With over a decade in the Videography Industry, Rayven is dedicated to telling your story, professionally and beautifully. Her unique, filming style, passion for her work and mastery of the latest videography techniques have earned her widespread acclaim. 

Rayven began her career working with several television studios that produced local news-- quickly growing from getting coffee for reporters, to running the teleprompter, finding and licensing media, writing scripts, filming b-roll, operating studio cameras, and sometimes even being in front of the camera or behind a microphone doing voice overs. She also began filming events such as theater, sports, and weddings, and creating promotional videos for small businesses on her own.

She has a degree in Film & Video Production and English from Georgia State University, where she graduated cum laude.  At GSU, she worked with GSTV-writing, directing, filming, and editing news segments. I worked on creating many short films and worked with Atlanta based film production studio, Film Tribe. 

In the rare moments that she's not behind a camera or editing on her Mac, she's painting, playing guitar, watching movies, or hiking.



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