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Hello! I'm Rayven.

Above all else, I’d call myself a Storyteller. Or a calamitous catastrophe of a finger in every pie. Your choice. I like to believe storytelling is what sets my work apart. So, here's the story of me:

I’ve always been a lot of things. At the age of 12, I started a wedding videography business - filming over 150 ‘I dos” with miniDV cameras. You have to imagine me staying up all night photoshopping custom DVD covers and sliding them into the little plastic sleeves while I batch captured all the camera angles as they played back in real time over FCP7. 

At 16, I was a field reporter for a local news show in Cumming, Georgia with an unfortunate, but creative, name - “Cumming Home” Yeah, I had to take that off my resume for obvious reasons. But you can imagine me running around, unearthing the soul of smalltown revelry at a moonshine festival with my microphone. 

I’ll skip a couple pies to fast forward to a wide-eyed girl with a shiny film degree and a couple films under her belt. It’s the year of reckoning - 2020. In the quiet of a world paused, I’m a re-inventor. How can I continue to tell stories with the indefinite shutdown of the film studios? I dusted off all my creative cloud apps and dove into every online UX and Adobe course I could find. I fell in love with how a logo or font choice could tell just as powerful of a story. After some freelance graphic design, I emerged as a fusion of all my past selves: A Creative Director for a global hospitality marketing agency. 

That felt like a happy ending, but I felt a little funky convincing strangers to travel all day when I had never really been out of the country. So I sold everything I owned and left with a one way ticket to Europe. 1.5 years later, I’m still traveling. I’ve slowly crossed over 6 continents with this here ‘lil laptop.

And that’s where you come in, new friend.

Skills & Expertise

brand identity

campaign + art direction

digital + print design
animation + motion graphics
video production + editing



Georgia State University:

BA // Film & Video Production 

Minor //  Digital Media​

AA  // Studio Art

cum laude

Georgia Institute of Technology:

Intro to UX Design


Visual Elements of User Interface Design

creative director
- lotus marketing, inc

art director + designer

-studio veritas 

visual designer
- big red rooster / jll

- lovely days creative

videographer + photographer

- logistics productions

freelance filmcrew 
2nd assistant director - pageant material 
(full length fiction feature)


2nd assistant director - nicole
(full length fiction feature)


camera op- medicine woman
(ongoing documentary film)

art dept pa - your worst nightmare

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