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the hamilton hotel 

The Hamilton is a luxurious Hilton Curio Collection Hotel that anchors the upscale neighborhood of historic downtown Alpharetta.


As the hotel is a careful replication of the 19th century Southern architecture that surrounds it, the visual identity needed to showcase the noble simplicity and quiet grandeur of past, shined through a modern lens. In search of iconography that symbolized both the location and the traditional opulence of the neighboring culture, I chose to illustrate a native flower: the bachelor button. Historically, wealthy bachelors would wear the flowers on their lapels to signal their feelings towards someone. Gold pins of the icon I drew are worn by the staff. With a heritage rooted in the prohibition era, I created an art-deco inspired pattern that incorporated the shape of the bachelor button flower. 

visual identity, brand positioning, copywriting, package design


Step into The Hamilton and feel the world slow down. This is a world where we don’t ask, "How are you?" We ask, "What do you want to drink?" Because hospitality is at the core of what it means to be Southern. Our hotel is a love letter to a lost, idealized vision of community: we still make guests feel like family, we still open the door for each other, and we always have an extra seat at the supper table for you. We take that appreciation of the noble simplicity and quiet grandeur of that world and shine it through the lens of modern innovation and refinement. As the South has redefined what constitutes high art with things like Blues, barbecue and bourbon, so do we redefine concepts like elegance, opulence, and romance.

Housed in the heart of historic downtown Alpharetta, The Hamilton welcomes guests from near and far with a sophisticated take on Southern hospitality. Our namesake, Hamilton Fulton, wanted to unite people like never before with a railway from the Tennessee River to the Southeastern bank of the Chattahoochee, what would one day become Atlanta. That spirit lives on in us as we strive to connect the comfort of the familiar with the excitement of the new, the ambition of Atlanta with the unhurried ease of downtown Alpharetta, the beauty of the past with the clear eyes of the present. It is that desire to connect that makes us who we are, because the ability and desire to nurture and entertain is in our bones."

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