Rayven Routt

Visual Designer

Multimedia Producer


Rayven’s insatiably curious and empathic nature allows her to dive deep into the “why” of her work. As an Emmy-Award-Winning Filmmaker, she believes good design should tell a story. With degrees in Film & Video Production, Digital Media, Studio Art, and UX Design and 15 years of experience creating content for a diverse range of industries, she approaches every project with an open mind and unrestricted creative palette. Rayven specializes in conceptualizing and creating visual expressions spanning graphic design, UX/UI design, motion graphics, brand identity, copywriting, and creative direction.




I'm a storyteller. So here's my story.  

I've always been entrepreneurial. In middle school, I made a GeoCities website and started an event videography business, filming over 150 weddings. It grew and I filmed sports and theater at all the surrounding schools, hiring my friends to help shoot.  In High school, I fell in love with filmmaking and ran the teleprompter for my hometown's local news show, Cumming Home. I know that sounds like...an adult film, but times are weird growing up in Cumming, Georgia.


After Film School (during which I worked full time with my production company, part time at a bank) I worked covered in blood from 7PM-7AM, on an ID Channel murder reenactment show. I worked my way up to Assistant Director and made 3 Feature Films. One won an Emmy! I started my own talking head + small-business-focused production studio, traveling America filming all sorts of cool businesses, but kept getting distracted redoing my logo and redesigning my website. Then I was like....wait. I can do that for a living!?

UI/Visual Design is everything I'd been searching for. I finally found something that combines all my interests, passions, and skills -- Storytelling, Psychology, Color Theory, Aesthetic Design, and User Experience. 


When I'm not behind my laptop or my camera, I'm fully renovating my house in East Atlanta - Ormewood Park. It's been the biggest and best design project of my life. This weekend, I'm wallpapering the bathroom with this cool design that has crystals and tigers and building a fence. 






After Effects


Final Cut Pro


Graphic Design

UI/Visual Design


Motion Graphics

Video Production and Editing




Georgia State University:

BA // Film & Video Production 

Minor //  Digital Media​

AA  // Studio Art

cum laude

Georgia Tech:

Intro to UX Design


Visual Elements of User Interface Design

Don Norman:

Intro to the Design of Everyday Things