I've filmed and edited over 150 weddings. My style is naturalistic and candid - dreamy, perfectly-imperfect stolen moments and happy accidents that feel human and seem effortless. I often film handheld and I try to find the small details during the day that no one else notices. 

I believe everyone has a story to tell and I’ve found what I enjoy most in life is getting to know people and telling their stories! So for me, a wedding film is about more than having a compilation of your day. It’s a time capsule of your life that can be passed down through generations.

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“Deciding to collaborate with Rayven for our wedding was one of the easiest decisions we made. Before I was half way done with my adult beverage at the first meet & greet I was sold... and I drink quickly. Honestly explaining our vision, ideas, and timeframe she instantly got what we wanted. I didn't feel like our vision was being copied and pasted into a project she had done before. Her attention to detail, compassion, and overall work ethic are enough but there is so much more that you get. We have a video we cherish. I recommend her to everyone who will listen. I also feel like we gained a friend in the process because when someone caresca about a huge event in your life that genuinely there is no other option but to be connected for the rest of this journey.”

- Kayla, Bride

“Rayven is the epitome of professional. Calm, collected, kind, gracious, funny- she is your instantly a best friend who can make you feel completely at ease. Weddings are stressful! But it rolls right off her back and she keeps pushing through getting fantastic video and capturing beautiful moments. Honestly, I'm putting this review up before I even get my video! But she and Colt were so lovely, so great that just the experience of having them there was a blessing and worth a five star review.

-Mary, Bride

Fact: Rayven is amazing

My husband and I were on the fence on having a wedding videographer. To be honest, wedding costs started adding up and we weren’t sure that this was a cost that we absolutely needed. Well, I can assure you that Rayven is worth every penny and more. Rayven was introduced to me by one of my clients who insisted it was one of the highlights of his wedding. I was still skeptical, so we chatted briefly on the phone before she sent over her pricing info and website. I browsed her work, cried over basically every stranger’s videos, and definitely felt nudged toward working with her. She was helpful and friendly on the phone, and her work spoke for itself. Oh - but what’s that on the pricing sheet? The “Jim Halpert Package”??? Interest. Piqued. (This was an option to have our wedding filmed in the style of an episode of The Office, which is our FAVORITE show. My husband even had an Office-inspired proposal!) We set up a meeting to discuss this further and at the end of the meeting we were totally on board. Our wedding day was a once in a lifetime event, and we didn’t want to miss out on being able to look back on it together, plus this way we would be able to share a small portion of the day with loved ones who weren’t able to make it to celebrate with us in person. We were all so very very excited, but myself not being a creative, wanted some reassurance as to how this unique video would be shot. We met again a couple weeks before the wedding and Rayven talked specifics about what she envisioned, and took our notes for inside jokes from The Office that we wanted to see incorporated.

The day of, Rayven and her second shooter were beyond incredible. They were professional, non-obtrusive to the event, and were able to incorporate so many loved ones in the video. When we finally received our video (I think about 10 weeks after our wedding, which is less than the standard 12 week turnaround time (?)), we watched it immediately. And then again after that. The videography and the editing WERE. PERFECT. I cannot say this enough. I am so beyond obsessed with how this project turned out, and Rayven was so helpful during the entire process. I cannot say enough kind things about this lady. Thank you so helping us preserve our memories!!!

- Sam, Bride

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