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Routt66 Creative Boutique

Routt66 was my Wedding Film production company. My work stood apart from others because it was unposed and candid, focusing in on the little details throughout the day that no one seems to notice-- lumps in throats, trembling hands, eyes lighting up. I wanted the brand to evoke feelings of nostalgia and comfort -- like an old home movie of a long road trip with close friends. The brand was cinematic, but not as polished and crisp as it would be if I had couples pose. It was centered on the moments between moments. I had a blast building the brand around this idea.


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My demographic was unconventional couples that didn't want to blindly take on the traditions of their parents. I chose colors that were organic and bohemian -- terracotta, mustard, forest green. I chose handwritten fonts over the more polished serif fonts of other production studios for my DIY brides that stood up all night making their own place settings with handwritten name tags.

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