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Hilton Curio Collection - Hamilton Hotel

Brand Identity and Narrative, Custom Collateral Suite, Digital Ad Campaigns, Website, and more


Refined, Gracious, Intriguing


The Hamilton serves as the anchor of it's community in Alpharetta. They wanted to create a place that celebrated an idealized vision of Southern Hospitality : the beauty of the past with the clear eyes of the present.


I wanted to juxtopose opposing concepts to illustrate the complexities of a Southern Identit -- Combining the noble simplicity and quiet grandeur of a world that redefined high art with Blues, BBQ and Bourbon. I wanted to redefine a local, overlooked concept and transform it into the signature of wealth and hospitality. We took Bachelor Button Flowers, tall flowers that grow naturally along the highway in the area, and made it the Rally Call Icon for the hotel. Traditionally, the flowers would be worn by wealthy bachelors to signify they were open to love. For the hotel, the staff wears the flower pin on their lapels to signify their warmth and hospitality towards their guests. I illustrated the flower by hand, combined it with their logos, and turned it into an Art Deco style pattern to evoke a nostalgic connection.

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