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OPUA Technologies

OPUA is a boutique marketing consulting firm, specializing in outreach and public awareness campaigns to promote healthier communities. They had a logo but needed a branding package and a website that showcased their work and sold merch.



OPUA's clients are mostly in the healthcare industry. I chose colors that were cool-toned, fresh, and organic. I wanted the site to feel like a breath of fresh air.

The colors they used on their previous site were bright blues and oranges. Nothing seemed to melt together.

I chose Caudex as the main font. Caudex was originally made in the late 90s for printing some old handwritten text. To me, it feels bold but stable and trustworthy, which is exactly how a marketing company working with charities should be.

opua before 2.png
opua before.png



opua after.png


My goal with any site is to make an experience that flows and moves seamlessly as you scroll. Because OPUA offers video marketing, it was important to me to incorporate as many videos in the core of the design as I could. I color graded all the videos to incorporate the color palette I designed for their branding. 

This website as dramatically transformed their business.